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Utility PV Mokresh 4200 kWp


The photovoltaic park in the village of Mokresh is the second utility-scale solar park in Bulgaria. Following detailed pre-project research conducted in 2010 by Prof. Vitanov and Prof. Tyutyundzhiev from the Central Laboratory for Solar Energy and New Energy Sources at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), the Mokresh Photovoltaic Power Plant was commissioned to GreenTech Engineering Solutions (GES) by the investor Helios Power.

The terrain is located on the outskirts of the village, partially bordering agricultural land and partly industrial facilities. There are no nearby industrial enterprises that could cause dust on the panels. The terrain is flat, ideally oriented north-south, slightly inclined towards the east, with existing independent infrastructure, road communication, and access for construction machinery. The land on which the photovoltaic park is located covers an area of 7.3 hectares (73 decares) and is entirely owned by SPV Solar Park Mokresh.

The Mokresh Photovoltaic Power Plant is GES’s first photovoltaic project, which marked the beginning of our successful business in the field of renewable energy sources.

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