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Photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic power plants generate the cheapest electricity worldwide. They can be located on the rooftop of your home, on the rooftop of your enterprise or on infertile land areas.

Energy for your home

Affordable renewable energy for your home

According to the International Energy Agency, photovoltaics generate the cheapest electricity on the market. This type of system on your roof can dramatically reduce your electricity bill for at least 30 years to come.

Energy independence

Energy independence on your rooftop

Depending on the type of system installed, it can offset up to 100% of your energy needs. This will give your business a strategic market advantage.

The preferred investment

Unlimited energy

Investing in a large ground-based photovoltaic power plant has one key advantage – predictability. With modern market methods like PPA, the investor has a clear vision of income for a period of 10 years and more.

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