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SCADA & Monitoring

The presence of a monitoring system enables  GES to provide investors with a financial guarantee for reaching the annual electricity production of the photovoltaic power plants.

Monitoring 24/7/365

Timely response to an emergency is essential to achieve high yield. We use a real-time monitoring system designed to automatically monitor weather conditions, strings, inverters, plant production at any time and from any place with an internet connection and password for identification. Monitoring gives us the opportunity to guarantee the plant’s operability, to increase the achieved results and to minimize the wear and tear of the system, thereby extending its service life.


Greentech Engineering Solutions JSC manages a center for monitoring and maintenance of photovoltaic plants. The center is equipped with a modern monitoring system, performing 24-hour monitoring of the plants, through its own specialized software for monitoring, analysis and remote control /SCADA/.
The monitoring center enables GES to react in time when anomalous conditions occur, which is essential to achieve high production

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