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Utility PV Kaleitsa 636 kWp


The photovoltaic park in the village of Kaleytsa, municipality of Troyan, is built on terrain close to one of the industrial zones in the area. The terrain is relatively flat, but a large part of it contains residual building foundations that were demolished before the project began.

Upon it, we constructed a static supporting structure consisting of 2 portrait panels inclined at 25 degrees and positioned 80 centimeters above the ground, comprising 39 sets of 2×12, 12 sets of 2×9, and one set of 2×7 Medium Duty modules from the Turkish manufacturer of structures, Kirac Metal, with Magnelis coating.

The number of double-sided photovoltaic panels is 1166, with an individual power of 545 Wp each, from the leading panel manufacturer Seraphim Solar. There are 5 string inverters with an individual power of 125 kW each from the world’s largest inverter manufacturer, Sungrow, China.

The photovoltaic power plant is expected to be commissioned in June 2024.

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