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Reconstruction of the Kindergarten ‘Yuri Gagarin’ in Dolna Banya


The building is located in block 97, Land Parcel I – “Kindergarten” according to the plan of Dolna Banya town, Dolna Banya municipality. The facility consists of three independently functioning sections – Section A, Section B, and the boiler room. The subject of this project mainly includes Section A and partially the boiler room, as well as the entire courtyard area of ​​the facility. According to the geodetic survey, the property has an area of ​​4023 square meters.

With the planned implementation of the project, the current public procurement provides a completely new solution for the courtyard. Seven separate outdoor play areas are designated, each equipped with play facilities. Each play area is covered with impact-absorbing rubber flooring and furnished not only for play but also with benches, garbage bins, and sun protection structures. The courtyard is enclosed and will be monitored by video surveillance. A common area for sports games and an experimental field for children are also planned in the courtyard space. The green areas remaining in the courtyard space will be landscaped anew.

The subject of the procurement includes activities for the reconstruction, repair, and landscaping of the building of the “Yuri Gagarin” Kindergarten, as well as the entire courtyard area of ​​the facility. The technical project envisages construction and installation works in the following parts:

  • Part: Architecture;
  • Part: Landscaping;
  • Part: Structures;
  • Part: Electrical;
  • Part: Plumbing;
  • Part: Plumbing – irrigation system;
  • Part: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning);
  • Part: Video surveillance;
  • Part: Geodetic survey – Vertical planning;
  • Part: Fire Safety;
  • Part: Occupational Health and Safety (OHS);
  • Part: Environmental Protection;

Total value of the public procurement (excluding VAT): BGN 470,003.80

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