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Boutique hotel Oborishte 5


On 5 Oborishte Street stands the former building of the institute “Opera Italiana Pro Oriente” or “Italian Affairs for the East”. It was founded in the early 1920s by Francesco Galoni, the apostolic delegate to Bulgaria. The institute is engaged in charitable activities, popularizes the Italian language and culture, publishes Italian literature and magazines. The massive building was constructed with the assistance of the Italian state. The first groundbreaking took place on September 7, 1925, personally by the papal nuncio Ronkali (the future Pope John XXIII), and the completed construction was consecrated in 1928. It housed the “Leonardo da Vinci” institute, which represented a private mixed secondary school. After 1944, the building was nationalized, and the National School of Music was established there.y

PROJECT`S PURPOSE: Reconstruction and restavration

The project is a specific example of preservation, enhancement, and enrichment of existing architectural heritage. Unconventional methods have been employed to reinforce and expand the existing structure through several technological approaches – metal braces, carbon threads, shotcrete, and lightweight metal construction. A non-standard solution has been implemented for an accessible environment and integration of modern engineering systems for air conditioning, ventilation, computer systems, and access control. The design of the building incorporates individual technological solutions for sound, lighting, and acoustics in the multifunctional halls. The renovation of the chapel, multifunctional halls, and foyers breathes new social life into the ground floors. The project includes extensive landscaping of the surrounding area with provided parking.

Role of GES: Main contractor

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