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PV C&I Benkovski 1000 kWp


The photovoltaic power plant in the village of Benkovski has a total installed capacity of 1000 kWp and is located on the roof of the newly built warehouse.

To place the photovoltaic modules on the roof, the east-west modular structure with a 10-degree slope of the leading Dutch manufacturer Van der Valk Solar is used. The number of PV panels installed is 2,272, monofacial with a power of 440 Wp from JinKO Solar‘s latest N-type TOPCon series. The inverters are 7 units of the SUN2000 series of Huawei with a unit power of 115 kWp.

To connect the building and the photovoltaic power plant to the grid, we supplied and installed the Transformer station 1000 kVA, 0.4/20 kV.

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