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Utility PV Slivnitsa 1600 kWp


The photovoltaic plant in the outskirts of Slivnitsa is located on the secondary road 811, which connects the city with the surrounding villages of Galabovtsi, Gurgolyat, and Rakita. The terrain has a southwest exposure, with slopes occasionally exceeding 15 degrees, predominantly rocky.

Upon it, we constructed a static supporting structure consisting of 2 portrait panels inclined at 25 degrees and positioned 80 centimeters above the ground, comprising 122 sets of 2×12 Heavy Duty modules with Magnelis coating from the Turkish manufacturer Kirac Metal.

A total of 2,926 double-sided photovoltaic panels from the leading Chinese manufacturer Seraphim Solar, with an individual power of 545 Wp each, were installed along with 13 string inverters from Sungrow, each with a power of 125 kW. For connecting the PV plant to the medium-voltage grid, we supplied and installed a 2000 kVA 20/0.8 kV substation. The medium-voltage line, 200 meters in length, was entirely constructed by GreenTech Engineering Solutions.


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