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Utility PV Elhovo №2 320 kWp


The PV power plant on land plot №2 in Elhovo is the second stage of a photovoltaic park with a total installed capacity of 1 MWp. It has an installed capacity of 320 kWp and consists of 6 Huawei SUN2000-50KTL inverters, 588 double-sided photovoltaic panels with an individual power of 545 Wp each from the leading Chinese panel manufacturer, Seraphim Solar.

Upon it, we constructed a static supporting structure, a combination of 2 portrait panels and 3 portrait panels, inclined at 25 degrees and positioned 100 centimeters above the ground. It comprises 11 sets of 2×12 portrait modules, 1 set of 2×3 portrait modules, 1 set of 2×9 portrait modules, 8 sets of 3×12 portrait modules, and 1 set of 3×4 portrait modules. The structure, model Heavy Duty, features a special Magnelis coating from the Turkish manufacturer of metal structures, Kirac Metal.

For the cabling of the photovoltaic power plant, over 2 kilometers of solar DC cable were used.

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