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PV C&I Stamboliyski 600 kWp


The photovoltaic park in the city of Stamboliyski is the largest FEC with solaredge optimizers in Bulgaria with a total installed capacity of 600 kWp. The investment decision was made due to the fact that the property on which the power plant is built borders a railway line and there are many shading elements. The PV park is built entirely on the roof of four different buildings with four different roof coverings – LT sheet metal, bitumen with sprinkles, a metal structure of the canopy type without coating and tiles.

Four different types of supporting structures and three different types of photovoltaic panels were used. On the flat bitumen roof, the panels are installed in an east-west position with a modular construction from the Dutch manufacturer Van der Valk Solar. The construction of the Chinese manufacturer Xiamen Solar is used on the roof with LT sheet metal. The panels are attached to the roof tiles using metal hooks and profiles of the Plovdiv company Ellon, and a structure specially designed by the GES team is used on the metal canopy structure.

The total number of installed panels is 1,220. Of them, 768 are with a single power of 460 Wp from the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer JinKO Solar, 368 are double-sided with a single power of 545 Wp, and the remaining 84 are single-sided 545 Wp of the world’s leading panel manufacturer Seraphim Solar.

The number of string inverters is 6 with a unit power of 100 kW, and the number of optimizers is 612, brand solaredge, model P1100.

For connecting to the medium voltage network, we delivered and installed a 800 kVA 20/0.4 kV substation.

The facility will be commissioned in April 2024.

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