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Greentech Engineering Solutions (GES)  was established in 2010, in Bulgaria, as a joint venture between companies with experience in renewable energy solutions and power plant project management.
The teams of experts in the company cover the complete range of services necessary for a solar plant project and it’s delivery to the key – from preliminary research and analysis, design, procurement of materials, construction management and technical supervision, all the way to the grid connection and post-project maintenance.
As a project management company and systems integrator, our added value is in the force of our financial consulting, business planning and flexible financing schemes for the implementation of photovoltaic projects.

Директор направление „Енергийни проекти”
Тодор Николов
Директор направление „Строителство”
Валентин Георгиев
Директор направление „Мониторинг и експлоатация”
Сашо Димитров
Директор направление „Икономика и финанси”
Румен Нанов


The policy of GREENTECH ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS AD is aimed at achieving high quality of the services offered, by satisfying the client’s requirements and developing all activities, processes and services related to the design and implementation of projects in all major areas of the construction industry – construction and modernization of buildings, restoration and conservation of cultural monuments of local importance, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of road infrastructure, urban development, construction maintenance of parks and sports and recreation areas, design, construction, operation, monitoring and maintenance of facilities using renewable energy sources.




With the full range of services that Grintech Engineering Solutions offers, it guarantees the successful implementation and carefree partnership in the construction and management of your investment project. The company offers solutions that include:

  • Pre-investment studies
  • Business planning and financial consulting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design
  • Selection of contractors and suppliers
  • Preparation of budgets, line and financial schedules for implementation
  • Delivery of all necessary materials, systems and equipment
  • Construction and commissioning
  • Monitoring and management of existing RES plants
  • Guarantee and post-warranty support of all systems and equipment


Greentech Engineering Solutions AD is listed in the Central Professional Register of Builders and holds certificates from the first to the fifth group in the construction, including the construction of real cultural values of the category “local importance”.
The company has implemented and maintains an Integrated Management System, which includes a Quality Management System (BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015) and an Environmental Management System (BDS EN ISO 14001: 2015).